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Since its opening, Bed & Chai endeavours to be a Guest House involved with the cause of environment preservation and social responsibility.

garden Our commitments to the environment
- We make our own compost.
- We have installed a recycling system.
- We encourage our Guests to save water, hourglasses have been placed in showers to help them optimize their bathing time.
- We serve organic products to our Guests such as coffee, milk, muesli, sugar and oil.
- Our rooms are decorated with articles made from recycled products and local craftsmanship.

Wifi Our social commitments
- We help our employee Guddu in his personal project to empower differently people like him.
- Collection of clothes for the NGO Goonj; these clothes are distributed in villages to underprivileged families.
- Our jam, apple juice and tea come from cooperatives.
- A collection of drugs is done for Baba Medicine.
- We help our employees to develop their own network and business. A website has been created for our chef, so he can sell his products and share his passion for cooking; and to our manager who plans to start his own homestay Lizahill in Darjeeling. Finally we have created a website for the taxi company of Arun our driver.

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